We would like to welcome Jennifer and Scott Geiswite of Geiswite Creations as the 2017 Rookie of the Year sponsor.

"Jennifer and I are very pleased to be apart of the new series. We here at Geiswite Creations would love to be a part of the 2017 racing season by sponsoring the Rookie of the Year award. The Rookie of the Year award would receive a $150 gift certificate to our business as well as 200 autograph cards." Scott said

The Rookie of the Year will be decided by points and the winner will receive $250 cash, $150 Gift Certificate to Geiswite Creations, 200 Autograph cards($150 Value) and a Trophy.

Geiswite Creations makes natural body products from locally grown resources and also creates unique items for race teams. They can incorporate any photographs or logos into unique items like blankets, candles, and coffee mugs. Geiswite Creations can create classics like licenses plates and autographs cards for the teams. Take some time and speak with Jennifer and Scott to understand what this creative group can do.


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