In addition to the growing list of sponsors partnering with the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series, Engler Machine & Tool has signed on as the series headline title sponsor for 2017. Engler will be providing the series with a BRAND NEW 2 3/16 injection system, worth $3,800 dollars, for MASS to raffle off at the end of the season, as well as six-hundred dollars worth of gift certificates to be given away at three Engler sponsored events on the 2017 season schedule.

“We are hoping that this huge offering provided to MASS by Engler will encourage members to remain loyal to our series when we give away tickets at the events which will be marked ‘Ticket Races’ (TR) on our schedule,” Regional Director Eddie Wagner explained. “We have a number of unique ways to win the fuel injection system that is up for grabs that will keep things interesting through out the season, which includes selling the tickets, as well as giving them out to competitors who qualify for the drawing based on a position they may finish on Engler sponsored race nights”.

Tim Engler, who is the owner and founder of Engler Machine, started his business in 1980 in Princeton, Indiana, focusing first on plastic injection molds. As time went on, Engler diversified into the high performance products such as fuel injection systems, custom made pulling chassis, specialty CNC items including gears, shafts and other miscellaneous custom machined items made specifically for diverse high performance vehicles.

“MASS is lucky to have such an impressive company come onboard in our inaugural season, and we can't thank Mr. Engler enough for joining this series. Last year was my first year using an Engler Injection and the throttle response and power on restarts was flat out impressive. I really hope anyone looking for an injection system gives Tim a call because his products and dedication to our sport shows in his workmanship,” stated MASS General Manager Jeff Geiges.

Gary Thayer, owner of Thayer Performance, the official parts dealer for MASS and a distributor of Engler fuel injection systems for over five years, speaks highly of Engler Machine products, expressing that “Tim Engler’s precision and intricate designs on all of his custom products are second to none, and I always encourage my customers to use his products on the engines that I build”. Thayer goes on to say that “The Engler Injection is the most reliable, trouble free, has smooth throttle control, and it holds its settings like no other. It just simply makes power!”

The Engler Machine & Tool Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series will hold their very first event on Sunday, April 30th at South Jersey’s Bridgeport Speedway. Tickets for the Engler fuel injection system that is up for grabs will be on sale at this race for $10 a ticket. Anyone can purchase these raffle tickets, as long as they are bought for a registered Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series team (driver or owner). Tickets can also be received in different ways also by members who attend three consecutive races in a row, finishing in the top five of the three scheduled Engler Machine & Tool sponsored events, and the top five in points will receive a number of tickets at the end of the year.

Engler Machine & Tool can be contacted by phone 1-812-386-6254, or by fax at 1-812-386-6268. Please check out their Facebook page Engler Machine and Tool, or their website at www.englermachine.com/ .

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