Residing out of Hamilton, NJ, twenty-seven year old Doug Snow will be in the chase for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series Geiswite Creations Rookie of the Year honors. Snow plans on attending all of the MASS scheduled races in the coming season as well as some PASS events when able to.

“My goal for this season is to learn as much as I can, and to have fun racing a Sprint Car, which is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Snow said. “I’ve raced quite a few different classes over the past few years, and Sprint Car racing to me is known as the most exhilarating type of racing there is, and to be able to do it in an cost-efficient manner is just a great thing. The Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series IS the best affordable option when looking to race on a budget, and the competitors of MASS are experienced and a humble group of guys and gals, which is something I look forward to being a part of this year”.

Doug works as a 825 Union Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer by day, while also acting as a full time single father to his two and half year old son, Luke. Like many drivers, Doug started going to the races as a young kid with his Grandfather every weekend at US 13 in Delaware. “Drag racing is what we watched most of the time, but when Nascar came into town, we would catch a race with them also,” Snow remembered. “But like any kid, I just wanted to get behind the wheel of something fast, so when I got a little older, I moved back to New Jersey, and I dabbled in some amature drag racing at local drag strips and eventually an Outlaw Stock while pit crewing for my good friend Jim Avery.”

In 2015, Snow had the opportunity to try a North East Wingless Sprint Car at New Egypt Speedway, but said his experience with that was short lived do to his lack of help and knowledge with Wingless Sprint Car racing. “I started hanging around Chris Allen who was racing a 305 Sprint at the time, and I learned some stuff while crewing for him, and one day after sitting in his car, I decided it was time that I bought my own car, and I did,” Doug recalled.

This season, with a fresh 2015 Mach 1 chassis and a brand new HP Performance engine under the hood, Doug is looking forward to not only being competitive in his inaugural year, but he is hoping to park his Oliver Construction Enterprises #777 into victory lane.

“I am really looking forward to this year. With good equipment, help from my girlfriend Ashley at the track, my sponsors Oliver Construction Enterprises, E.H. Allen Trucking, Plumsted Grill and DJ Party Hardy, as well as the knowledge that I continue to gain, I think we should be able to get some top fives, a win, and the Rookie of the Year trophy at the end of the year”.

Along with Doug Snow, confirmed entries to the series opener on Sunday April 30th at Bridgeport Speedway are Scott Frack, Samantha Lieberman, Stefanie Palmai Carberry, Tim Smolenyak, John Barnett, Joe Kay, Tim Tanner, Jeff Geiges, Eddie Wagner, Logan Diehl, Rick Stief, Brendon Poff, Harris Kohen, and Dave Brown to name a few. A list of seven brand new rookie racers who will making their debut on the 30th include Patrick Compton, Austin Burke, Bobby Scherff, Dean Conk Jr., Tom Carberry, Doug Snow, and John Webster Jr.

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