Scott Ellerman took home quite a bit of hardware Friday night after winning the co-sanctioned Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series/PA Sprint Series Racesaver/IMCA twenty lap feature event at Williams Grove Speedway, as well as the Beer Hill Cup Summer Series championship which was sponsored by the famous Beer Hill Gang. Austin Bishop, Bobby Butler, Jaremi Hanson and Zach Newlin completed the top five.

An astounding forty-five cars came together at the historic Central PA half mile oval, with heat race victories going to Stephanie Dodson, Bobby Butler, Dave Brown and Jaremi Hanson, and two consolation wins going to Colby Dice and Jon Haegele.

The third place starting PA Sprint Series regular took the lead from Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series young gun Bobby Butler on lap five after an exciting battle for the top spot ensued between Ellerman and the two pole sitters Dave Brown and Butler. After taking over command of the top spot, the fight for the lead continued throughout the entire duration of the race with Butler staying within a car length away from Ellerman for the remaining fifteen laps.

“I knew we were going to have to be good on the top in order to be fast tonight, so we worked on the car in the pits after the heat race, and we kind of just threw something at it, and I’ll tell you what, if my front nose didn’t break, I think we could have had that race,” Butler said post-race.

“I heard him behind me, but I just kept on hitting my marks, and holding on to make sure he wouldn’t get by,” Ellerman explained. “We’ve won here before last year, and then one earlier this year at Susquehanna, so it’s a great feeling to be able to win tonight, and on top of that, the Beer Hill Cup! I just want to thank Matt Miller and the Beerhill Gang for sponsoring PASS and for allowing us to have the opportunity to be able to earn a little extra on top of what we already do. It’s great to have the support they give us.”

In the final circuits, fifth place starter Austin Bishop, who was steady running in third, began to catch ground on the top two running cars, looking more and more like another possible contender for the win as the laps counted down. Bishop, who has been a “bridesmaid” more times than one in his rookie season has been persistently eyeing his first career Racesaver/IMCA Sprint Car win, with just recently finishing in second the week before.

“Those first few laps, we had a hard time getting heat in the tire with those cautions, so once we were finally able to run some green flag laps, I started to figure out the line on the top,” Bishop stated. “I saw Bobby and Ellerman fighting up ahead, so I kind of took advantage of that, ran them down, and I took second from Bobby on the bottom, and by the time I looked up, the race was over. I’m defiantly looking for a win here real soon, so we are going to take this finish and what we learned tonight, and bring it to Bridgeport next weekend!”

With a three-race weekend on tap for the PA Sprint Series, many MASS drivers and teams like Dave Brown, Eddie Wagner, Tom Carberry, David Bonner, Scott Frack and Austin Bishop will continue onto Selinsgrove Speedway tonight, and then ending the extended race weekend tomorrow night at Susquehanna Speedway. Next Saturday, the Engler Machine and Tool Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series will return back to New Jersey, at Bridgeport Speedway, for the Mach 1 sponsored event. Teams will have the opportunity to compete for the advertised purse, as well as a bare front axle and nerf bar kit provided to the series by Mach 1 chassis.

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PASS/MASS RACESAVER/IMCA SPRINT FEATURE (20 LAPS): Scott Ellerman, Austin Bishop, Bobby Butler, Jaremi Hanson, Zachary Newlin, Dave Brown, Tyler Reeser, Eddie Wagner, Colby Dice, Darren Miller, Cale Reigle, Tommy Carberry, Rick Stief, Jeff Geiges, Jon Haegele, Scott R Frack, Jay Krout, Tom Carberry, Kyle Ganoe, Ian Cumens, Stephanie Dodson, Dave Grube, Tim Tanner Jr., Ken Duke Jr., George Gege Riden, Fred Arnold

DNQ: David Bonner, Teddy Thomas, Mike Allman, Brendon Poff, Erin Stattler, Kyle Smith, Kassidy Kreitz, John Walp, Kristen Hess, Keith C Andersen, Josh Fox, Andrew Hake, Kurt Krepper, John Scarborough, Rod Ort, Sydney Prince, John C Webster, Vance Berry, Jared Zionkowski

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