Baps Winner and Results

And your winner in the PASS/MASS Co-Sanction make up event is Dave Grube!! BAPS Motor Speedway PASS/MASS/IMCA Feature Results: Dave Grube, Zachary Newlin, John Scarborough, Andy Best, Jaremi Hanson, Billy Ney, Jason Dunn, Rick Stief, Kyle Smith, Jon Haegele, Tim Tanner Jr., Darren Miller, Devin Adams, Jeff Geiges, Eddie Wagner, John R. Fiore, Nick Sweigart, Cj Faison, Jay Krout, Larry Mc Vay, Stephanie Dodson, Colton Hoover, Austin Bishop, DNS: Tyler Reinhardt DNQ: Kassidy Kreitz Racing, Landon Price, Tim Stallings, Erin Statler, David Graber, Ryan Lynn, Johnathan Wanchalk, Wally Eshenaur, Tom Carberry, Kenny Heffner 

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