New Egypt Speedway, Story and Results

Last night's Flemington Car & Truck Country Twins Night at New Egypt Speedway had plenty of racing action on tap for Sprint Car loving race fans who were excited to have the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series back at the Central NJ facility since earlier this season! The first feature, a make-up event from April 14th, was won in exciting fashion by Ryan Stillwaggon as he passed race long leader Jeff Geiges with just a few laps remaining after Geiges got stuck in lapped traffic. This was Stillwaggon's second win of 2018, winning his first at Bridgeport Speedway back on July 7th, and first ever at New Egypt Speedway! Feature number two had Mark Bitner and Andy Best sitting on the Engler Machine and Tool front row, making it easier for Bitner, second on the New Egypt Speedway 305 Sprint Car all-time win list, to run away with his first MASS feature win of 2018 on the Mach 1 Chassis inc. sponsored night. Two heat races, sponsored by Professional Design Services and Freiberger Excavating, were won by Jeff Geiges and Austin Bishop, setting the CRC Industries Brakleen redraw to have eight drivers participating in the feature redraw, with Bitner pulling the number one spot! Two hard charger awards were distributed last night, with the Thayer Performance 'Burning Rubber' Bonus and $25 Cash sponsored by Fred's Trailers going to Jason Dunn and Eddie Wagner. Dunn advanced five spots in the first feature and Wagner moved up a cool four spots in feature number two. Next up on the MASS schedule is Championship Night sponsored by Delphi Contracting and Demolition at Grandview Speedway Inc. on Friday, September 14th. MASS FEATURE #1 RESULTS (20 LAPS): Ryan Stillwaggon, Jeff Geiges, Mark Bitner, Austin Bishop, Eddie Wagner, Andy Best, Jason Dunn, Jon Haegele, Larry Mc Vay, Zack Burd, Joe Kay, Duane Alan Nixon, Chad Connor DNF: Brendon Poff DNS: Tim Tanner Jr., Rick Stief, Scott R Frack, Samantha Lieberman, Tom Carberry, Bryant Davis, Michael Haggenbottom, Cj Faison, Logan Diehl, Dom Melair, Dan Leaper MASS FEATURE #2 FEATURE RESULTS (20 LAPS): Mark Bitner, Andy Best, Austin Bishop, Eddie Wagner, Jason Dunn, Ryan Stillwaggon, Larry Mc Vay, Jon Haegele, Joe Kay, Jeff Geiges, Randy Wilbert, Keith C Andersen, Craig Pellegrini Jr., Christopher Moll, Ricky DiEva, Chad Connor, Duane Alan Nixon 

DNF- Steve Voorhees, Zack Burd 

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