Geiges wins Bridgeport 3/8- Results

MASS FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): Jeff Geiges, Mark Bitner, Andy Best, Tom Carberry, Jon Haegele, Rick Stief, Tim Tanner Jr., Ricky DiEva, Larry Mc Vay, Eddie Wagner, Dom Melair, Jason Dunn, Steve Voorhees, Marie McVay, David Bonner, Bryant Davis, Dave Brown, Scott Frack, Christopher Moll, Randy Wilbert, Chad Connor DNS: Keith Andersen, Jon Brennfleck, Glenn Hisko

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Bruce's Auto Body Heat #1: Jason Dunn JWK Electric Heat #2: Jeff Geiges Professional Design Service Heat #3: Andy Best **Thanks to Daniel Conway for adding an additional $50 to each heat race, allowing the winners to go home with $100!

ADDITIONAL CONTINGENCY RECIPIENTS: Keizer Sprint Wheels Worst Pill Draw: Dave Brown Bitner Automotive Lightning Fast Time Award: Jeff Geiges Kelly Racing Fuels Feature Winner: Jeff Geiges VP Lubricants Paying it Forward to 4th!: Tom Carberry Fred's Trailers Hard Charger Award: Steve Voorhees Competition Suspension Inc. Hard Luck Award: Scott Frack Worthington Rigging & Storage: Dave Brown Engler Machine and Tool Front Row: Jason Dunn & Jeff Geiges 

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